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The Trustees of the Foundation include:

James Tooley

Professor James Tooley (Chairman) is a leading expert on private schools for the poor and a professor of Education Policy at the University of Newcastle, England. He leads all R&D activities of the Foundation.

Ken Donkoh
Ken Donkoh (Member) is an education entrepreneur, managing the Omega Schools chain of private schools for low-income people in Ghana.

Lisa Annabel Donkoh
Lisa Annabel Donkoh (Member) is an affordable private school cluster Manager, managing eight (8) Omega Schools.

Reinhard Fichtl
Reinhard Fichtl (Member) worked as an aid worker for more than two decades in East Africa, and later South Asia, focusing on rural development, health and education. In 2009 he joined the UBS Optimus Foundation as the Program Director for Education & Child Protection. The Foundation promotes health, education and child protection globally. His current interests focuses on results-based grant-making and performance-based financing in education.

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