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How To Support The Foundation

There are at least 3 ways you may support the Omega Schools Foundation:

1. You may want to give a direct scholarship to the poorest children enrolled in our schools. It cost about $150 a year to educate a child (this amount includes tuition, meals, school uniforms, books, assessment, health insurance, etc.) Our families are used to making sacrifices to pay daily installment (of about 65 US cents) over the course of the 220 school days. Your donation would lessen the financial burden on these poor families. Your donation goes into a scholarship fund which we use to purchase the Omega Schools daily vouchers and shared to the poorest children in our schools based on their need level:  a third ($50), half ($75), or in the case of orphans they get 100% ($150) scholarship. See some of the children on our scholarship list.

2. You may want to donate towards specific aspects of our work, e.g. you can choose for your donation to support reading in our 38 schools. We run a mobile library with a van that goes round with books so the children can borrow a book home to read. Omega Schools (the company) is able to sustainably bear the cost of fueling and maintaining the library van and the librarian. However, the Foundation is seeking for donations to acquire many more books and e-readers. We have sparked the reading appetite of 20,000 plus children and we need help to meet it.

3. Finally, for $80,000 you can fund a new school in a poor community, which will enroll and educate up to 600 students and directly employ 23 people from within the community. In lieu of repayment of your initial $80,000 investment to you, Omega Schools (the company) will commit to donate $8,000 a year (in perpetuity) into the scholarship fund run by the Omega Schools Foundation, to support the poorest children enrolled in all our schools.

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