I fully support the dream of creating with the heart and building with the mind. With thousands of young lives yet to be touched, I am committed to the construction and maintenance of these low cost private schools. Building to build relationship rather than walls, you can pass me another brick.

Caleb Paa Kwesi Donkoh, Construction & Maintenance Manager
If you fail in life, it’s because your attitude failed you first. I believe that hard work pays off so let’s all work with open hearts and minds. Just as we think with our hearts so should we work from within our hearts.

Kwofie J. Daniel, Creative Team
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Our Pay-As-You-Learn™ Model

Daily Fees

No hidden fees, all-inclusive daily fee (of about 65 US cents) including tuition, hot lunch, a set of workbooks, two sets of uniforms, mid and end of term assessment, health insurance etc. Our daily fee is equivalent to the out-of-pocket cost of sending a child to a ‘free’ government school in Ghana. Students use a cashless daily payment vouchers sold within their communities. Apart from the fact that the daily fee fits well with poor parents’ daily cash flow, it’s the best way we ensure that we are accountable to our parents on a daily basis.

Innovative Curriculum

We have created, for every subject and every level, lesson plans, workbooks, digital content, and intensive training and mentoring around these, so that our teachers can teach consistently at a higher level than in other schools. Call it paraskilling – we combine the experience and expertise of a critical number of education specialists with trained, passionate and energetic high school graduates to deliver quality teaching and learning in our schools.

World Class Assessment

We have developed a world-class assessment system that informs and elicits passionate teaching and learning. Our mid-term formative assessment points to which pupils need extra help or extra challenge across all subjects; which questions pupils found easiest and which hardest, to show what they have understood and which topics might need remedial teaching.

Our end of term summative assessment helps us track the progress of very child. Our annual external assessment compares the performance of Omega Schools students with those from public and other private schools. Independent research shows Omega schools significantly outperformed Other Private and Public schools.
In reading: Omega students are 4 years ahead of those in nearby public schools and 2 years ahead of other low cost private schools.


School Management System

A proprietary ‘soft technology’ for school management and culture building. Omega has developed a hybrid-cloud student and staff information system which keeps record of enrolment, attendance, transfers from one Omega School to another, keeps a disciplinary and other logs on each student or staff. The database also keeps record of all Grade 9 graduates organised by their year group so we can keep up contact with them.

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