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Omega Schools Foundation was set up to maximize the effectiveness of low-cost private schools to be able to deliver affordable quality education to a larger number of the poor in Africa. The foundation was incorporated in Ghana on June 10, 2009 (with registration number G-28,448) as a non-profit (tax exempt) and non-governmental organization. The aim is to undertake Research and Development (R&D) in innovative learning methods, pilot business models etc to support the Low-cost Private Schools sub sector in particular and the education sector as a whole. The foundation also has a scholarship fund to support the poorest of the poor enrolled in private schools.

Since its incorporation, the Foundation’s research activities have been focused on the following areas:

Fees and parents: Is it possible to find an approach that could reduce the cash-flow burden on schools caused by erratic fee-paying by parents, and help ease the burden on parents finding term fees and other educational costs difficult to meet?

Curriculum and assessment: What low cost methods could create quality lesson plans that could be used in Low-cost Private Schools?

Teacher training and mentoring: What low cost methods could be instituted that would significantly raise the standards of teaching and learning in low-cost private schools?

Technology: Could a computer lab for self and peer-learning be introduced into the low cost private schools without any significant premium on fees to parents?

School design and infrastructure – What school design could be introduced to enable low cost schools to be built or upgraded at minimum expense?

Regulation – What are the regulatory requirements in Ghana for a company to run a chain of low cost private schools?


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